DAQ & Control

Analog Input and Output

Analog I/O, A/D conversion, and D/A conversion in an easy-to-understand way that includes illustrations. Perform measurement control using a computer as well as automating data logging or measurements.

Digital Input and Output

Digital I/O board is an interface board that adds the ability to input and output digital signals in parallel to a computer.

Motion Control

Motion control means “to control movement.” One distinctive example is positioning control by various motors. By giving electronic energy to a motor, a motor operates and converts it to motional energy.

Serial Communication

Serial communication is a communication method that uses one or two transmission lines to send and receive data, and that data is continuously sent and received one bit at a time.

GPIB Communication

GPIB (General Purpose Interface Bus) was developed as an interface between computers and measuring instruments. It is mainly used to connect PCs and measuring instruments.

Edge Computing

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