RTime-OEE is Production Monitoring to Improve Productivity & Cost Efficiency.
Real-time, you can see as same as it is in factory floor. Online, Web-based over the network. Dashboard Operator, Manager, Maintenance to Monitoring & Control. Intelligent to help analyze the data process right away.
RTime Scheduler is Automatic Production Planning and Monitoring to Improve Available to Promise & Cost Efficiency
Reduce Iventory Control and Shorted. Shorten Production Lead Time. Knowing Schedule Time of Delivery
RTime Energy is Energy Monitoring to Improve Energy Usage & Cost Efficiency.
Real-time, you can see as same as it is in the field. Online, Web-based over the network. Dashboard to Monitoring & Control. Intelligent to help analyze the data right away
Internet of Things (IOT) is Machine to Machine communicarion.
One-stop IoT services for operation monitoring and visualization of existing factory equipment in various industries.
Built in: Human Machine Interface for Monitoring and Control. Graphical Task Edit for Program Control and Intelligent Algorithm. Data Connectivity, Varied Functionality Data Transmission: OPC-UA, MT-Connect, PLC Master, Modbus Master, HTTP Transfer, CNC Communication, FTP Server, Azure, Direct Signal Input Output.
Industrial Computer (IPC) is Embedded System.
Seamless, Compact, Fanless, No Mechanical Moving. Low Power Consumption. Non Stop Operating 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week. High Operating Temperatures. Vibration Resistant & Impact Resistant. Free Maintenance Windows Embedded OS.
Data Acquisition (DAQ) is PC cards for the construction of measurement control and communication systems.
Large selection of USB, PCI Express, and PCI cards, full lineup of measurement software and program development tools.
Designing and developing industrial automation solution and providing customized programming to suit customer needs for their manufacturing production process.
PT Tandem Technologies bring "Technology for Better Life".
We provide Long Term Product Solution, Internet of Things (IOT), Industrial Computer (IPC) and Data Acquisition (DAQ). Our services distribution and support at your Factory Automation or Systems Integration.
If you have any problems with your manufacturing process, please contact us to get the solutions as soon as possible.
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